Fruit and vegetables offer the highest levels of nutrition and have the least impact on the environment of all foodstuffs. A product category that we endorse wholeheartedly.

Nedalpac is contributing to a more sustainable future. With our end goal of becoming CO2 neutral, we continue seeking ways to reduce our emissions and to increase our contribution to society.

  • We opt for sustainable and recycled materials as often as possible to reduce waste streams.
  • We are reducing CO2 emissions and working towards quick and efficient logistics with the use of electric forklifts and Longer Heavier Goods Vehicle combinations/ Euro-6 vehicles and bundling of product transportation.
  • Nedalpac offers Fair Trade and Fair Produce products. The trade in these products contributes to an honest price for the produce and ethical treatment of the workers in question.
  • We actively participate in projects in the field of education, training and development. We thus contribute towards the continuing deployment of employees.
  • All our inspection processes are automated. Use of tablets means we use less paper and our processes are considerably faster.
  • These are just a few examples of our activities, request our annual CSR report for an update!