Tracking & Tracing

All pallets at Nedalpac are provided with a SSCC number (a kind of barcode). The next step is for the consignment to be inspected critically and for all findings to be captured digitally. This inspection report is linked to the specific consignment and all departments then have immediate access to these reports.

This process means all Nedalpac products are fully traceable. Everything from field to fork is mapped transparently. That way, you know where the products come from, where they are currently located and where they are going through every step of the process.


Efficient logistics and quick delivery are essential for keeping our beautiful products fresh. This is the only way we can guarantee maximum shelf life. The favourable location of our distribution centre in Venlo contributes to this. The location is easily accessible from the A73 and offers access to both central and eastern Europe. For transport to northern Europe, we can ship from our other distribution centres in Bleiswijk and Nieuw-Amsterdam.

We can unburden you entirely in respect of logistics. As it happens, Nedalpac uses its own lorries as well as the resources of selected transport companies. We only work with certified transporters that we select carefully based on their expertise and reliability.

Our distribution centres

Nedalpac is located at Fresh Park in Venlo. This is in the heart of the horticulture region of the southeast Netherlands and close to the Rhine-Ruhr area of Germany. This favourable location and the optimal infrastructure enables us to provide a customised service to our markets. In addition, we also have two distribution centres in Bleiswijk and Nieuw-Amsterdam.

Our modern distribution centres are fully conditioned and offer many options for warehousing and distribution. In addition, we have excellent cold storage facilities to guarantee the freshness of the fruit and vegetables. We keep the transport chain as short as possible, to optimise this, we ship directly from our growers as well as from one of our distribution centres.